Last-Minute Gifts <3

I am such a bad procrastinator and it really bit me in the ass this year when it came to Christmas presents. If you combine that with the fact that I was big broke when the holidays hit, it doesn’t get me excited for my present options.

Making your own presents is always a good way to go, especially for family members. They kind of have to like it since they’re related to you (life hack). I have linked my Pinterest board that has some good examples of homemade gifts you can make!

Homemade Gifts 🙂

Another option is to run into a store and grab something really quickly, which I happened to have a bit of luck with this year. Vintage stores are always full of surprises, and the fantastic thing about them is that they are filled with pieces you will only find in that store. They also help you avoid fast fashion which is a HUGE plus because, you know, the planet is dying.

Here are some great vintage shops in Nashville!

Anaconda Vintage!

The Hip Zipper!

Star Struck Vintage!

And here are some vintage shops in Knoxville!

Retrospect Vintage Store!


Pioneer House!

Another option is a local small business! They have great selections and almost always offer gift cards. Small businesses are an amazing thing to support, especially now. Below I have listed businesses in both Knoxville and Nashville you can support. Most of them are run by women which is always an added bonus 🙂

Nashville Small Businesses:

Parnassus Books

Kernels Gourmet Popcorn

Judith Bright Jewelry

Two Old Hippies – Guitars, Apparel, and Gifts

The Smiling Rainbow – Hand Painted Pots

Vinnie Louise – Women’s Clothing

Scout’s Barbershop

Leigh Edwards & Co. – Hair Salon -> Ask for Kayla 🙂

Knoxville Small Businesses:

Union Ave Books

Anaba Japanese Cuisine

Rala – Local Art and Accessories

Merchants of Beer

The Golden Roast – Local Coffee Shop & Local Art

CitiFid-O – Knoxville Pet Store

Val’s Boutique – Women’s Clothing

Lox Salon – Hair Salon/Spa/Makeup

I hope this helped, and remember that the holiday season is not all about presents. Sometimes cheap gag gifts are all you need to bring a smile to someone’s face <3

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